Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gymnastics Birthday Party

Today we had a gymnastic theme birthday party. It was a small party with 6 children present. We held the event at America’s Best Kids, Medford, Oregon. Coach Kid was on hand to lead the kids through their games.

First the kids jumped off the “Tower of Terror” into a pit of foam pieces. As they stood on the edge I could see fear on their faces, but they all eventually jumped. Of course it was so much fun they all had to jump again and again.

Coach Kid directed the kids though a game where one child sits on a giant mailbox and the other pushes them across the floor. They then got into a potato sack and ran back to the finish line. It was so much fun.

Introducing the kids to the bars was a lot of fun. They all took to it like pros. It was wonderful how they showed no fear in flipping over the bar.

When the games were done, everyone won a medal for a special achievement they had accomplished.

Party time included a gymnastics cake that I made in purple and pink. There were gymnasts doing flips and lunges. The kids absolutely loved them and the coaches were amazed.

We ordered Gymnastic plates and napkins from shindigZ. We also ordered matching cups and tablecloth in the birthday girl's favorite color of purple.

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